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OpenJDK in Debian


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Over a year after Sun's initial release of OpenJDK as free software, Debian successfully managed to build a version of OpenJDK using only free software. Apparently, the hard part was bootstrapping OpenJDK with the GNU Java compiler gcj. And it seems they did a very good job, as there are hardly any drawbacks compared to the proprietary version.

Playing FreeCol with OpenJDK

Playing FreeCol with OpenJDK
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I tested a few applications and they all worked flawlessly. When playing Java games like FreeCol, I noticed that there's even sound support, which is missing in Sun's OpenJDK version. What's still missing is the browser plugin. It is already there, however only in contrib, but can be expected to be moved to main anytime soon.

So we can finally bury our worries about the Java trap. If you want to try it yourself: apt-get install openjdk-6-jre.

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